Monday, 24 July 2017

Cool With It

Photos:  The Poke

I think I may have been hit upon by a lady at Chagstock.  She was all over me like a rash and then expressed a desire to take me home.  Even though she appeared to  be a sweetie I declined.  Although 'Never Say Never' is one of my mantras it seems that sexually,  my preference so far is for the male of the species however unfathomable they are.

I have plenty of gay friends though.  They bring a rainbow of colour into my life.  Today's post is for them.  Cheeky Jesus making a stand gave me a good giggle.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Chaggers 2017

I set out on Friday to our eighth Chagstock in a row with trepidation. The weather forecast was awful and there were monsoon conditons as I drove down the A38. When we arrived at the field poor Klaus the Knaus couldn’t muster up the momentum to get himself over to where most of the other motorhomes and camper vans were parked. ‘We stopping here.’ he seemed to say as he ground to a halt about ten metres from the gate. Not to worry. There are worse places to be stuck than the beautiful Dartmoor countryside.

On this little island of our the weather is changeable. It gives those blokes at the swanky Met Office in Exeter a run for their money. Yes, Friday was a bit of a day. For Saturday we were scheduled thunderstorms and hail. Eeek! Instead the gods smiled benevolently and aside from a couple of light showers it was dry with rather more sunshine than we ever could have hoped for. Instead of being one of those events where we avidly watched bands it was an eating, drinking, chatting kind of day with music as the backdrop. And not too many ‘Plastic Free July’ demeanours either. My festival beer mug is now three years old and serving me well. And here’s Lou who chose one of the many sin-free options from the food vans.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

In The Drink

'Bring spare clothes,' said Salty Dog when she suggested a paddleboard evening, 'for if you fall in.'  Shouldn't that 'if' have been a 'when'? And of course it was inevitable. Unbeknown to me the others had been betting on how soon it was going to happen. With hindsight demonstrating 'The Tree' yoga pose just as I'd got my balance and stood up for my first time was a little rash

Ah here's me in a much more natural habitat.  I can wild swim until I'm bored. Aren't we so fortunate to have beautiful places like this to picnic and play after work?

Friday, 21 July 2017

Without Trying

'When at night I go to sleep
Fourteen angels watch do keep'

I'm still sleeping through the night.  For the first time in years I consistently pop off to the Land of Nod and stay there until the morning.  No special tips about temperature of the room, blocking out all light, barring caffeine....... I even had a bit of wine yesterday.  That used to be a complete no-no in terms of shut-eye but not any more. As sleep experts have noticed, those who are not insomniacs don't have any special tips to share.

What has changed is that, in spite of a busy life where I am subjected to trauma in my working life on a daily basis, I no longer fret and worry.  I haven't eliminated stress altogether but it's very much on the back burner.  I attribute this to the meditation, running and taking on board some of the spiritual musing I've been doing over the last  few months.  Friends are continuing to comment on how calm I am.  Now serenity isn't something I've ever been accused of in the past!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Stoney Faced

My efforts to cut down waste during 'Plastic Free July' are still going strong. There's been some cheats and a few downright failures.  I'll tell you about those another day.  But there's also been some permanent lifestyle changes too, like the milk and juice delivery.   That's got to be a good thing.

Here's a lovely idea for recycling food waste that I won't be trying anytime soon, just because  I barely have enough time in the day change my pants let alone carve avocado stones .  I've grown one before, pretty successfully too I have to say.  Until it got marauded by tiny flies and had to go.

Jan Campbell's work is wonderfully whimsical. She has her own website, Avocado Stone Faces. I especially love the calm little faces, the tiny hands and the mushrooms.  This is a woman with the perfect excuse to eat lots of avocados.  Mashed on toast with a sprinkling of salt and a dash of tabasco and lemon juice they're my favourite snack at the moment.  Yum!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Thief Averted!

I'm always surprised by how little Louis remembers of his younger years.  He's off to stay in Bath today as part of his school's enrichment week.  It's his first visit since he went there at the age of five. We met up with friends and it was one of the first jaunts away in Klaus the Knaus our motorhome.  I recounted something that happened on that trip last night.   To my surprise Louis recalls it vividly. It seems that I put the fear of God up him.

We were back in the van after a day of sightseeing.  I noticed that Louis was playing with some tacky keyrings that weren't entirely unfamiliar.  'What are they?'  I asked.  'They're mine!' he pronounced.  It turned out that were nothing of the sort.   I'd refused to buy them earlier in the day so they'd been shoplifted from the gift shop at the Roman Baths.

Determined not to see my son begin life as a career criminal I took a hard stance.  'You're taking them back and 'fessing up.' I told him.  'What will happen to me?' he asked.  I shook my head.  'I don't know.' I replied with a faux woeful look.  'We'll have to find out tomorrow.'  I was on a roll so I added,  'Maybe they'll send you to prison.'  'But I'm just a child!' Louis remonstrated. 'We'll see if they take that into account but I really don't know.'

The next morning we walked hand in hand to the shop. We heard a police car siren in the distance on the way.    I was still up for keeping the pretence going.  'Maybe they're out looking for you' I told him.  We finally arrived back at the baths.   Louis returned his booty to the man behind the cash desk. 'I'm very sorry.' he said.  'These accidentally fell into my pocket.'  The guy gave him a stern look and sent him packing.  'Thanks for doing that.' he said as  my relieved son sidled out of earshot.

I'm not sure what a parenting expert would think.  All I know is that it seems that scaring the pants out of a small child seems to have had a lasting effect. There's been no further brushes with law breaking ever since.  Maybe my approach worked.  Lou's turned out not to be a bad egg after all.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Roland Gift: Still Gorgeous

At one time Roland Gift, the lead singer of the Fine Young Cannibals was voted in the top 50 'Most Beautiful People in the World'.  What bollocks: for we are all gorgeous  in our own ways darlings! Back to Roland though.  I, along with a group of my forty and fifty something friends can all vouch for the fact that he's still pretty darned hot.  And his voice still packs a punch.  We loved the lady backing singers, the same certain age as us,  in their Corbyn T-shirts too.  You go girls!

I'm still aching from Sunday.  Along with a 9km run and rather a lot of walking, I danced for hours at the 'Sounds of the Summer' event at Newton Abbot racecourse.   It was ace.   UB40, All Saints and China Crisis played too.  The Fine Young Cannibals were definite my favourite.  The '80s album 'The Raw and the Cooked' is downloaded to my Spotify account and features in my in-car entertainment selection.

I took the boy to educate him about the music from my youth.  Surprisingly China Crisis turned out to be his favourite act.  I'd forgotten this haunting song that I loved when it was a chart hit.