Monday, 3 January 2011

Mind Gone Blank

I haven't got much to say today. Ideas just aren't forthcoming.  It's not that I'm being idle.  Far from it.  There's plenty of creative activity going on in my little 'laboratory'.  But nothing is at the 'show and tell' stage at the moment.

So, it seems a good opportunity to show these lovely pieces of bronze sculpture by Mark Hall  that I came across on one of my lunchtime strolls in Totnes.  Many of us have our imagination sparked by the natural world.  It's particularly interesting when artists and craftsmen steer away from the fish and flowers and make a success of producing pieces inspired by less used forms, like these spiky horse chestnut cases.  They provide reassurance that lack of imagination is a transient state and if I keep my eyes pealed and ears open  something novel will leap out for me to write about shortly!

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