Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Pink Coat

This pink corduroy coat from the Scottish retailer Ness  has been occupying the thoughts of someone who semi pledged to buy no new clothes in 2011 way too much. It was first spied, back in November,  in their shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and then in a frou-frou boutique at the city's airport. I had hoped that it would be one of the items in the winter sale but, drat!   It still remains at its full price of £95.95 which depending on how I look at it is, a)  reasonable for such a beautiful garment or b)a shocking amount of money for something that could be an item with limited wear.

I could exercise self control and ignore those impulsive feelings.  After all, they will eventually diminish and I'll just be left with the occasional longing for what might have been.  And, I've already started to explore a cheat's way round my predicament.  I could ask Mama Lovelygrey to make me a near copy although the fact that I haven't yet found a suitable pattern creates a bit of an obstacle.  Then  again, I could behave in an entirely unprincipled manner, buy the blooming thing, either at full or an eventually reduced price and be done with it.  Using it as one of my weight loss rewards might even assuage just a tiny bit of the guilt!

So what to do, what to do?  I haven't yet decided but will give you an update when something momentous happens!

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