Monday, 29 March 2010

All I Need Now Are the Fancy Cupcakes

Making Stuff, one of my library finds caused me to have one of my dangerous flashes of inspiration. I loved the socket puppet horse, the string bag made out of a sheet and the mittens on a string made out of a jumper that had been shrunk by careless washing. These have potential as subjects for further postings. Although I didn't like the cake stand made out of three odd plates and two sherry glasses stuck together with araldite, I felt that the idea had promise and I decided to make my own less eclectic version.

I scoured the charity shops in Exeter last Saturday for three coordinating plates but didn't have much luck so settled for these for a total cost of £4 from the sale rack at TK Maxx. However I was more successful in finding secondhand supports for the 'tiers'. These stainless steel candlesticks were in the PDSA shop for £1.69 each.

The instructions in the book suggested a method of cutting a paper template to find the centre of the plates. However I poohed poohed this idea as time consuming and so positioned the candlesticks as near as damn it to the middle, took measurements all around them to the edge of the plate and then made small adjustments. When I was happy I marked their final position with a biro so I knew where to put the glue. Is araldite always really messy for everyone or is it me? My shortcut would have worked nicely but events dear boy.....

I then carefully glued the wider end of the candlesticks to the small plates and waited ten minutes or so before repeating the process and assembling the first two tiers. This gave me time to get glue of my hands and the desk and to air the room. Araldite is really sticky and pongy.

All was well until I put a weight on the top tier the book suggested. I got a bit over enthusiastic with the squashing process and the stand toppled over. There was araldite everywhere and I had to reposition the tier using more guesswork which turned out to be less accurate than my first attempt! Hence a slightly wonky end product, but not severe enough so for the cupcakes to fall off.

Happy Birthday Louis!

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