Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More Coffee, Bridget?

Once you start using metal clay you begin seeing potential in a multitude of textured items that previously you wouldn't have given a passing glance.

I usually use 'Siligum', a two part putty-like substance that, when mixed together, produces a mould in 5 minutes.

This pendant was made using precious metal clay that I pressed into a texture plate made from a corrugated cardboard coffee cup. The silver disc that was produced once the clay is dried, fired and polished was mounted onto a black polymer clay square to which I'd added a sliver of stripey clay cut from a block made by sandwiching alternate coloured sheets, produced by rolling the clay through a pasta machine. I've found that Polymer Clay for the First Time by Syndee Holt gives good clear instructions for this and other patterns that can be built up by layering, mixing and modelling clay. I baked the square pendant after pressing the silver onto it but it came unattached after wearing a few times so I used superglue to fix it and this has held tight for a number of months.

The end result is far from perfect - there's some dents in the polymer clay and the square isn't exact and prompted investment in some better cutters (I got the Ateco 6 Pce Square Cutter Set). However I've worn the piece a lot and it has given me ideas for future designs. I'm working out how to produce some pieces inspired by Bridget Riley's monochrome geometric works.

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