Thursday, 18 March 2010

Camper Cuppa.

Every so often Louis suggests doing 'something that we both like' and when this happens we may visit China Blue in Totnes if I'm feeling flush for a bit of pottery painting.

We went in January following a mishap where Louis broke a mug that he'd previously made for me. I was fond of that mug, not just for sentimental reasons but because it held a substantial amount of tea. However, I wasn't so keen on the largely unicolour that he had painted it as he was insistent that pink is every girl's favourite colour. Luckily, we found the same style of mug and Louis decided to be a little more creative with his use of colour. Here's the result.

I'm really pleased with this, not only because it helps me to sustain my healthy tea drinking habit but also the Barbie replacementcolour scheme are stripes in all the underglaze colours available at China Blue, thus giving me a handy resource for planning work for future visits!

Whilst Louis was making his masterpiece, I made a two cuppa teapot that Mr Lovelygrey had commissioned for the campervan. I had intended to be all organised and take a clipping from a Guardian magazine of this piece of wallpaper from Sanderson that I thought that I'd use to inspire me.

However with the effort of getting Louis out of the door ('You have to wear a coat!....No! You can't take chocolate to smear over the back of my seat.....Put the DS down!!), I forgot my picture so I had to rely on my poor overworked memory to help create my design. So the result was slightly different to how I had intended but I'm pleased with it all the same. Also, it's not one of the pots that leaks as you pour which is a big bonus, otherwise it might have been smashed up to use in a mosaic.

There's a lovely lady who works at China Blue who suggested that I might like to try scratching off some of the paint to let the white underneath show through. This was a really useful technique for producing the fine lines for the seedheads on the dandelion clock and also allowed me to add texture to the sponged green body colour.

So my bag dunking days in the van are over and I'm looking forward to 'going all posh' at teatime in the van.

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