Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Choccy Choo Choo

I have very fond memories of a train cake covered in sweets that my Mum used to make for our birthdays but sadly she'd couldn't find the recipe (or rather assembly instructions as it doesn't involve baking). So I trawled the Web and found a version by Annabel Karmel.

Just finished my cake after less than one hour's work and I'm a bit queasy after tucking into all the 'ingredients'! I'm a little concerned that the buttercream might lose some of its stick before the party on Friday but have saved a small amount for repairs. It slightly saddens me that I haven't reached the high standards that I remember my Mum achieving.... but perhaps hers wasn't perfect either and I was just bowled over by all the sweeties. Somehow, I don't think I'll be taking Annabel's crown for being the queen of kiddie food either. However, alarmingly, Granny fantasies are already kicking in and I'm hoping that my cake is just good enough to leave a fuzzy impression on Louis' memory so that one day he might think about making one for his children too!

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