Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Customised Cagoule.

I like cycling - although not in a lycra clad, padded bum, fast and sweaty way. I'm more of the 'hop on my bike in whatever I'm wearing and walk up any hill that's more than 1 in 20' type. If there's chocolate involved to sustain my energy its even better.

For sometime now I've been thinking about getting a lightweight cycling cagoule to avoid the monumental soakings that I've received. I've come unstuck because I don't like cycling in the rain and therefore refuse to contemplate changing weather when I leave home. I wanted something that was light so I didn't mind carrying it, in a highly visible but stylish fabric. I'd even visualised it but couldn't find anything that came near to approaching my waterproof fantasy garment. Does it come as a surprise to you that I'm not a Jimmy Choo shoes kind of girl?

Anyway, in one of my walks over to Trago Mills, I found this Trespass cagoule. It was pretty much the same shape as the one I'd conjured up in my thought exercise. However, even though in thouse quaint old words of my granny it was 'very gay', it didn't quite meet the visibility spec that I'd envisaged.

I decided against sewing on luminous patches as the cagoule would need seam sealing treatment afterwards. I've used this stuff on a tent and it was a mind numbingly thankless task which resulted in a soaking wet sleeping bag on the first trip away. My thoughts then turned to whether I could get away with ironing on patches but was a little nervous about using them on a material that I perceived as a bit 'melty'.

Gee-ed on by something I found on the Internet about how ironing some raingear could improve its waterproof properties and the reassurance that Trespass had kindly provided a stuff sac that doubled up as test fabric, I bought some natty high visibility stripes from Using a fairly low iron heat, I took a deep breath before starting. Et voila, my fear of ending up with a cagoule that resembled a shrinky dink were discovered to be unfounded!

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