Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just finished reading: How Green are My Wellies? by Anna Shepard.

I liked this a book a lot. How can you not fail to warm to a woman that has such a strong relationship with the wiggly creatures in her wormery? It has lead me to thinking that the 'no pets' rule may be a little harsh. Also I've been trying to cut down the amount of washing that we produce as a family by wearing things a bit longer (hoping that my friends will tell me if I overstep the mark), resalvaging items to live another day with a bit of instant spot removal and not automatically scooping up clothes into the wash basket. Amazingly, through these tactics I've been saving one or two machine loads a week. It's refreshing to have someone supports my slovenly ideas and also provides encouragement to stuff the washing machines to the gunnels.

Some really thought provoking stuff that is not too preachy and an added bonus is that the woman on the cover seems to have grey hair!

I enjoyed The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less by India Knight too. It was much less green and seemed to be written from an affluent Londoner viewpoint. Nonetheless it was a fun read and gave some great ideas for inspiring craft blogs to follow.

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