Monday, 22 March 2010

Lemon Mouse (sic)!

Louis has informed me he not going to combine the careers of being a doctor and a bin man anymore and wants to be a chef. I am delighted at the thought of the tasty treats that I'm going to have to test over the next few years. His long term plans are for us to gift him our house so that he can turn it into a restaurant!

Even if he changes his mind about his profession I've decided that encouraging him to cook can't be a bad thing and recently we've been progressing beyond Chocolate Crispie Cakes and making pizza, bacon sandwiches and muesli amongst other things.

We decided to make a pudding the other days and I thought I'd share this extra yummy one that we tried from Nigella's website for Lemon Mouse(Louis' spelling!) We left our the raspberry sauce and used white chocolate for decoration.

Nigella gives quantities for 10 people but this provides for very generous portions and I don't think even she could demolish the whole lot in one go during one of her midnight raids on the fridge. We halved the ingredients and it made enough to fill six wine glasses and lots of bowl licking action from Louis. Although the recipe is bowl heavy (I used four) it is relatively simple and there is enough whisking action to keep a 7 year old interested. I used the microwave on a low setting to melt the gelatine to save a saucepan.

It occured to me that this was quite a thrifty recipe so I did some quick calculations using Sainsbury's home shopping website. Even using expensive supermarket ingredients a portion worked out at under 50p.

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