Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Fantastic Mr Fox!

Thanks to Mel at the wonderfully situated High Heathercombe House high up on Dartmoor for her hospitality and yummy grub, Helen, her trusty helper and our refreshingly honest tutor Woody Fox for a wonderful residential mosaic weekend. Let our finished work speak about Woody's ability as a teacher which of course is coupled with the entire group's creative genius.

My 'masterpiece'where I tried out mixing colours and different tessellations in the same mosaic for the first time.

Melanie's bird that filled Woody with joy.

Margaret's wonderful Dartmoor cross

Naomi's sofa matching flower

Fliss' butterfly (winner of the speedy mosaicist award)

Jan's colourful cockerel

Kay's crow shamelessly stolen from Martin Cheek's book Mosaics in a Weekend

Margaret's tree also inspired by a design in another book - sorry can't remember which, but perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Marguerite's beautiful bird.

And Mel's Kandinsky's inspired design - incomplete but don't thinks that she was slacking as she did manage to rustle up all the food too!

I also thought I'd taken a picture of Helen's wonderfully coloured flower tile that is going to form part of a floor but my photographic skills are sometimes lacking, as further evidenced by a somewhat misframed quality to some of the images above, and I did actually take a photo - oops!

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