Saturday, 27 March 2010

One I Made Earlier: Pirate Makeover.

Louis needed something to sit on in his smallish sized bedroom and I thought a director's chair would suit the bill as it could be folded up when he needed more floor space to make an even greater unholy mess than usual.

I found this one in the local recycling centre for £3 looking decidedly sad. It had no back canvas and a patchy varnished finish. The seat panel was removable so I took the chair apart before sanding it.

Using half a metre of 60" wide curtain fabric I covered the existing seat by cutting two rectangles of fabric to size and glueing them each side of the existing canvas to make a nice strong base. Then I cut a big rectangle of fabric for the back that was just a little over twice the length of the distance between the back supports. I folded it in half and sewed on the wrong side to make a loop of fabric that fitted snugly over the supports when it was turned the right way around. My final piece of machining action involved sewing couple of lines of stitches to make tubes for the back supports of the chair to fit in.

So after about ninety minutes work and £8 total spend, Louis now has a piratey perch!

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