Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sock Monkey Mk. 1.

It's Louis' 7th birthday in a couple of weeks time. In a grey world I'm not going to completely deny him the plastic crap he's been longing for, especially as I squirreled away some long coveted Clone Wars weaponry that I bought at half price after Christmas. But I did hanker to make him something and looked around for ideas.

I was inspired by this lovely sock monkey made by someone whose needle skills are clearly far more adept than my own. But taking the view that we all have to start somewhere I decided to give my fledging toymaking skills a chance to try out their wings. Just maybe the baby bird has survived to fly another day!

I found these great instructions at which are clearly idiotproof. However the foolish side of my personality was strongly in the ascendant right at the start of the project as I cut monkey legs into the wrong end of the sock! Anyway bodging, taking the form of using running stitch to close the top of the head, worked okay. Here's the finished 'Sockie', the name that Louis will undoubtedly give him!

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