Friday, 26 March 2010

Vinegar: The New Cilit Bang!

I've just got to grips with this stuff as a cleaning product for the most unwholesome of reasons. Having a seven year old who hasn't achieved mastery of his 'aiming' skills leaves the bathroom smelling decidedly unfresh. I tried to bleach away the smell but for some strange reason this intensified the odour so the whole of upstairs smelt like a pub urinal. Lovely!!!

This was not the atmosphere that I wanted to nurture in my home so I turned to the Internet for advice and found that vinegar was the solution. So each week I splash some around the base of the loo and the problem has been resolved - although for a short time afterward I can't stop thinking of fish and chips.

This had me thinking about more uses for this powerful stuff and I've since found that it is great for cleaning glass such as shower screens and the like. And you can get really geeky about this. This book that I borrowed from the library has some inspired ideas including using vinegar to stop chickens pecking each other, for relief of piles and to clean pet's ears!

PS: Just to 'fess up and say that the stuff in the bottle that I photographed isn't what it seems. It's water as I only realised that I needed to take a picture after I'd transferred the vinegar into an old Mr. Muscle bottle!

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