Saturday, 3 April 2010

101 Uses for Newspaper: (Well two at least!)

After yesterday's busy, busy post I thought that I'd go 'all Zen' on you with one simple photo.  A thriving broad bean plant growing out of a pot made from newspaper using a Paper Potter

The idea that the exploring how the useful life of newspaper could be extended came to me after writing my 'Vinegar: The New Cilit Bang!' post.  Here I mentioned its role in  cleaning  glass.   Of course there's some obvious examples like using newspapers to cover tables when doing artwork and lining budgie cages.  Then, of course there's papier mache,  a highly versatile material that has been the subject of some of my most unmentionable and unsucessful craft projects in the past.   But enough said.   Here's some other ideas I've found on the Web with special reference to my favourite ideas.

Astrostar:  80 uses for old newspaper including stuffing into footwear to dry and deodorise and wrapping around green tomatoes to ripen them.
Aboutmyplanet:  Even more pong removing ideas and making logs for the fireplace.
Reader's Digest:  Earwig traps and providing traction for those who aspire to being a yummy mummy but don't have a 4WD vehicle.

... and there's plenty more where these came from.  Happy hunting!

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