Monday, 26 April 2010

The Citalopram Fan Club

I thought that this post would be a doddle and take just a few minutes to write but it's been hard to express what I want to say.  All  I want to convey today  is how helpful it can be to speak to a GP when consistently down in the dumps or anxious. And if they think you need an anti-depressant please consider taking one even if you feel that tablets are not for you or that  'dependency' on such medication confers some stigma.. It could make a world of difference.

I lived with low mood and anxiety for many years and tried multiple self help techniques that, did not completely cut the mustard.  But then as things started to slip further and further, I reluctantly sought medical help and after just one week of taking citalopram I started to notice a difference.  When the drugs had kicked in properly I no longer felt that I had my own personal tiger who was chasing me in a perpetual state of heightened anxiety, that unbelievably I believed was normal.  I also became less traumatised by criticism, both from myself and other, and with that my risk taking increased in a very positive way. 

For the most part I remain content and fulfilled now by  maintaining relationships with friends and family,  ignoring, as far as possible, the political and bureaucratic dross at work and instead focus on making a difference to others by what I do, and pursuing mad creative projects and outdoor pursuits in my leisure time.  Certainly some cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and formal and practical mindfulness practice have been valuable in keeping my gremlins at bay. But the chemical top up that medication provide certainly puts the cherry on the top!

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