Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Election Special: Tick the Box to Find Your Perfect Boy!

How do you decide how to vote if you don't want to be subjected to endless election broadcasts?  Easy - if  like me, you're from the generation  when teen magazines gave you  all the advice that you ever needed, you do a quiz.  Then choosing your candidate is just as easy as finding the type of boy that you'd like to go out with.

I did a Google search and  the websites of Who Should You Vote ForChannel 4 News and Vote Match are a selection of the many questionnaires on offer.  And I did all three to see if the results matched up.  It wasn't much of a shock that they didn't. So my date still could be:  (Mostly As)  the boy who'd make the best Widow Twanky (Mostly Bs)  the one with the impossibly smooth skin or (Mostly Cs) the guy that looks like he could star in a 'Just for Men' ad.  The choice is overwhelming.

Has doing this exercise influenced the way that I will vote?  Not really but it did  leave me a bit more informed about what each party stood for.  I also wanted to be a bit more impartial about the parties that I thought I'd never vote for in a million years in case they had changed fundamentally and their values were the best match for those of my own.  Surprise, surprise they hadn't!

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