Friday, 16 April 2010

Glazing Over

This post seems a bit boring to me.  Somehow the potential of money-saving or recycling ideas that involve, say, re-using toilet rolls grab my imagination far more than replacing windows.  But we saved £6,500 with this 'ploy' so I reckon it's worth sharing.

When we bought Lovelygrey Villas, a fine  example of the artisan  homes that Messrs. Barratt built in the 1980s, there was condensation running down the inside of the south facing windows at the front of the house.  Also the faux leading  throughout the property was firstly naff and secondly affected the light levels in the house.  It seemed that replacing double glazing was going to be on our DIY To Do list from an aesthetic and environmental point of view.

Mr Lovelygrey then heard that you could just replace the glass bits, called sealed units, and keep the frames.  He made enquiries to a local double glazing firm who poohed poohed the idea on the basis that our window frames were too old.  They suggested that the replacement cost of windows would be  an alarming £8,000.  With his eyes watering from this quote Mr Lovelygrey approached a local glazing firm for a second opinion.  They thought that his idea was a goer and a few weeks later they fitted new sealed units minus leading.  £1,500 well spent as I can now admire the lovely view and we are also insulated from the feisty winds that regularly blow down the valley.

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