Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Happy Accidents

I love stories about how cock ups can sometimes lead to amazing discoveries.  Like the messy worker Alexander Fleming whose cultures of staphylococci were attacked by a fungus in his laboratory that happened to be penicillin.  And there's a new drug that's undergoing trials at the moment which came about after a scientist found that  an old anti-malarial remedy, methylene blue, that he was using to dye the tangles associated with dementia seemed to repair damaged cells!

I had a similiar Eureka! moment after Louis' swimming lesson yesterday although I will admit that it is not quite so earth shattering.  Perhaps because I was so pleased at finding swimming goggles that had been missing for an age, I forgot to take his towel.  So instead I popped my fluffy polar fleece over his head  and we got out of the swimming pool super quick as  Louis  was so pleased with my hoodie's cosiness quotient that  he decided he'd like to wear it in the car.  He was insisted on wearing it in the house until bedtime.  So now, I'm on a mission to find an old adult sized hooded fleece in a charity shop that can be used  to replace a towel after indoor pool sesssions and on the beach!

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