Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just finished reading at last!: This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

A recent-ish trip to the library yielded Contented Dementia by Oliver James and  This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.  I've been meaning to read the Oliver James book for a while as I was repeatedly hearing it mentioned in my work as an occupational therapist working with older people with mental health problems.  However, to be honest, I wasn't relishing this because of my experience of reading Affluenza by the same author and the mixed feelings that this invoked (see my second ever  blog of 5 March) So, bearing in mind my deeply ingrained habit of procrastination it wasn't surprising that the prospect of a lighthearted, funny story drew me to start the 'chick lit' first.

Now I've enjoyed Marian Keye's stuff before and found her work to be well written and just the type of easy reading that I  need before turning in for a night of peaceful sleep.   But this was not the experience that I was expecting.  The book was over 800 pages and I felt that some judicious editing might have improved my view of the story which tackles the challenging subject matters of alcoholism amd domestic violence.   It was so..oooo long and different from the lighter subject mattter tackled by this author in her other books that I'd read.    However there were still some moments that made me chuckle inwardly and I especially liked Bid, the no nonsense character with lung cancer.

PS:  One character plays Leonard Cohen record whilst lying on bed when distraught.  As Number 1 fan I do not agree with stereotype view that the maestro's music  a) is the preferred choice for depressed people or b) makes happy people want to slit their wrists.  I can testify that I have had many life affirming moments listening to Leonard!
PPS:  On plus side, prodigious use is made of the metaphor 'rough as a badger's arse' which is a favourite expression of mine and deserves  literary recognition.  Not sure how accurate this description is as I've never touched a badger's rear end.  In two minds about whether I want to be enlightened on this in the future.

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