Friday, 9 April 2010

Just finished reading: Beegu

 I could rave about a lot of chidren's books, Guess How Much I Love You, all the Julia Donaldson Books especially The Snail and the Whale and  Dr Seuss's The Lorax to mention a few rightfully popular examples.  But my favourite has to be this one:

Beegu by Alexis Deacon is beautiful - simple prose that is sublimely illustrated with a subdued palette.  When Louis was little he was always a sucker for a 'lost and found mummy' story and loved it as much as I do. Sadly though he has refused it as bedtime reading for sometime now, preferring the inspiration for naughtiness that he gleans from Horrid Henry.  So, it's now been relegated to my bookshelf, a gift from Louis for me to read and reminisce when the mood grabs me.

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