Thursday, 15 April 2010

Latest Ceramic Offerings

The 'Camper Cuppa' teapot (see my post of 18 March ) was so successful  that I was commissioned to make another for the house.  Yet another excuse to visit China Blue in Totnes and I collected our latest creations today.  Overall, I  like my design but wish that I'd use block colour for the black background rather than a sponged effect.

Louis was pleased to come too as he had a project in mind.  Every morning he needs more milk on his Weetabix but struggles with manoeuvring a six pint milk carton out of fridge and then pouring.extra into his bowl.  We decided that his own special jug would solve the spillage problem.  So he came up with his rocket design which has a nice abstract flavour.

So that I could spend some time on my teapot I let Louis make an extra piece.  He was very secretive about his painting and wouldn't let me look at the finished article while we paid.  He presented me with his present today and I'm delighted with the result.   For a child who lacks confidence in his creative abilities he's made something that I will treasure.  Now, I just need to think of where it is best to display this.

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