Monday, 5 April 2010

Memory Cafe

In the past I've struggled with maintaining a balance between work and home life but now achieve this by separating them mentally and practically. It's been a struggle but is finally working. So there's no more bringing home notes to complete or using my time to study for work. I've replaced fretting about particularly troublesome care plans if I wake in the night with how I might tackle a tricky craft project. As part of this I made a rule that I would not talk about work on my blog.
But, in a grey world, aren't rules there to be broken? So continuing the holiday theme I'm going to show you the Easter crafts made by the attendees (people with memory problems, their family friends and carers and the volunteers) at the Kingsbridge Memory Cafe that I have had a part in helping to set up and maintain. My involvement here truly does not feel like work because of the enjoyment that I derive from being involved.

Thanks to the people who attend the Kingsbridge Memory Cafe who gave me permission to show their lovely creations!

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