Sunday, 25 April 2010

Needlepoint on the Run

The motorhome is so compact that things must be kept ship shape.  Otherwise all hell would break loose and the the multi-purpose nature of flat surfaces could well mean a high risk of inedible objects in food, if say, I were to bring mosaic or jewellery projects on holiday with me.  And space is so limited that there just isn't room to take the additional tools and equipment that I might need. 

But I find craft activities so relaxing that I want them to be a feature of my ultimate leisure time, a holiday. I have found needlepoint  fits the bill perfectly for a van based activity. The frame can be tucked away down the side of the seat and the wool used is easy to clear away and store too.

Here's the Ehrman design that's been work in progress on each trip away for the last year.  Not finished yet but by the end of the 2010 itinerary of trips to France, a festival and local getaways I'm hoping to produce a finished cushion which will be a lovely memento of leisure time spent profitably.

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