Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ones I Made Earlier: Zuni Bears

Once upon a time when I was walking on the Appalachian Trail in the USA, I met a guy who was wearing a bear pendant made out of turquoise with a silver band around his tummy (the bear not the man!). I coveted this and looked in shops in America and on-line for a similar one in vain. After all this was 1997 and the Internet was a much poorer source of rich pickings in those days.

Then I went shopping in my home town of Exeter and to my surprise found this little chappie in a jeweller's. He was the same shape as the bear I'd seen earlier and although he wasn't made of turquoise I thought he was beautiful all the same and an acceptable alternative to the object of my desire. I've found out the design for this bear originates from the Zuni Native American tribe and symbolises healing, introspection and other deeply meaningful things.

But maybe I'm an airhead and didn't appreciate the spiritual significance. What I loved was his curvaceous shape.  Since then he's been an inspiration for a few pieces that I' ve made myself  and I'm sharing my favourites below.

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