Saturday, 24 April 2010

One I Made Earlier: Map of Clay

Quick one today as we're off in the motorhome to make the most of the sunshine before service resumes and the normal wild and wet Devonian weather is back.

I've enjoyed pottery at various times of my life but have to admit I'm not particularly good at it.  It was the construction and finishing the piece before firing that was problemmatic.  Everything turned out, well, rough and wonky and trying to  put things right normally made it worse.  Decoration was more my forte which is probably why I'm  happy with ceramic painting these days.

But there are a few things that I'm happy to display despite their imperfections and this dish is one of them.  It was decorated with various coloured slips and then coated in clear glaze.  I  felt that this design which  used an Ordnance Survey map as a design source was worth sharing. The colours and stylised nature of the cartography lend themselves to being used as a the basis of many types of craft project.  And depicting an area that is familiar and loved gives the finished piece a very personalised nature.

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