Saturday, 17 April 2010

One I Made Earlier: Seabird Cushion

For many years I've dabbled with needlepoint.  I've never been confident enough to come up with my own designs but like working on painted canvases that preferably come in kit form so that even the 'hard work' of buying the wool has been done for me.

I didn't make this cushion from a kit but used a gridded design from  Designer Needlepoint  which was edited by Hugh Ehrman.  This  is still available from the Amazon Marketplace and when I looked there were a lot of 99p copies for sale.  Happily though there is an easier way of replicating this design as  Ehrman Tapestry  still produce this in kit form, currently available online in their sale.

When making up a needlepoint I like to work on a canvas that has 10 holes to the inch.  Beware of more intricate 12 hole plus designs if you're the impatient type.   As I learnt from another project that I completed from the same book, having to stitch 144 half crosses to an inch compared to 100 really slows down progress. Unfortunately I don't have the finished article to show off but have scanned the relevant page to show you this beautiful design which is  inspired from a wall hanging in London's  V&A Museum. This was a 12 hole cushion I made as a wedding present for a friend which I optimistically started just two and a half weeks before the big day. Stitching day after day for hours and hours made be so  sick and tired of needlepoint  that I didn't complete another for some years  When I was finally stretching the darned thing to  make up the cushion disaster struck and the canvas tore, necessitating a midnight repair the day before the wedding.  Happily, the tortured emotions relating to this experience have now diminished and my 'nightmare' cushion has become an heirloom for my friend's kids so may have ultimately become worth the hard work.

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