Thursday, 1 April 2010

Q: What does Mr Lovelygrey Make?

A:  Beer! Lots of it .. and he's been doing so for about a year. It's made from kits and is surprisingly good stuff which is cheap (about 30-40p per pint) and often surpasses the real ales found in pubs.

I was losing weight at a steady rate until ice cold alcoholic liquid on tap arrived in the kitchen. For some time Mr LG had been annoying people who'd placed secondhand fridges in the local classified ads by asking them to measure the exact internal dimensions.  Finally, one day 'the right one' came along and I was asked if I'd like to go to Ivybridge to pick up an old Beko fridge from a static caravan.  I declined this romantic proposition so he went off unsupervised.  An hour later he returned with a battered looking appliance which, after a bit of drilling and internal wizardry using pipes and two of those stainless steel containers that contain soft drink concentrates in pubs, turned into our very own kegerator (see instructions if you're tempted to make your own).

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