Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Quink Debate: A Step in the Right Direction?

I know that this might not make much of a difference but doesn't every little thing count?  It occured to me that I was binning or losing loads of quite expensive biros and fineliners each year and that didn't seem very green or economical.  So I invested in a refillable fountain pen and the only thing that I now throw away is a recyclable glass ink bottle once in a blue moon.  I've lost one fountain pen in the time since the swap and also had to change a nib after Louis unsuccessfully tried to open a walnut with it! But the expense of replacements does seem to help me focus on taking better care of my possessions.  Other people return a pen that is identifiably mine rather than squirrelilng it away in their own bags and  I've  cut down on my accidental thieving but clearly unsociable tendencies!   I'm not saying I never use a disposable pen anymore but I've certainly reduced the number I get through.  Oh... and an added bonus is that my handwriting is significantly more legible too!

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