Friday, 30 April 2010

Under Pressure

'Would you like a beef stew?' asked Mr Lovelygrey as I walked through the door one evening. A box of tough old stewing steak was on the kitchen table. 'That would be nice', I replied, 'But how are you going to cook it before midnight?'. 'Easy,' he replied. 'I'll use the pressure cooker.' And forty five minutes late a perfect meal was served up. Just like its slow cooked counterparts it was tender and delicious.

Mama Lovelygrey had one of these contraptions that she used frequently. It was a terrifying object that, like some of the geysers at Yellowstone (Beehive springs to mind), would sometimes unpredictably let out a burst of ear shattering steam.   Thankfully, we own a more modern version that is a pussycat compared to its ancestors. It sits on the hob  puffing away benevolently.

Although we've had our pressure cooker for some time now it's recently been put to use a little more frequently. The results are scrummy enough to make a case for resurrecting this old cooking method. General instructions for use and adapting message can be found at the recipes4us website.  Reading this also gave me a bit of a laugh as I imagnined the carnage caused if the instruction 'not to deep fry under pressure' was ignored.

So on the grounds of producing food I'd wholeheartedly recommend one. And the reduced cooking times provide a thrify alternative conventional cooking methods.

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