Thursday, 22 April 2010

Veg Box Tales: Wild Garlic

Our veg box has transformed the way we shop and think about the seasonality of what we eat.  Most of our meals tend to revolve around what has been delivered in the last week and although there's a bit of grumbling about the relative lack of variety in late winter/early spring, even this time of the year yields a few surprises.  Anyway it's not a bad thing learning to be creative with cabbage!

Last week's box from our local supplier Riverford contained wild garlic which grows in abundance in the woodland around these parts.  We've toyed with the idea of eating it in the past but never got round to it.  However, this wild garlic risotto made from the instructions on Riverford's recipe page has given us just the kick up the bum that we needed to go out and gather some more to make good use of this lovely seasonal ingredient.

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  1. Cabbage and bacon make excellent bed-fellows. Add a little chopped bacon to the water when boiling cabbage. It makes all the difference.