Monday, 19 April 2010

A Truly Handy Viz-Like Hint

Odd picture today, I know,  but  it  illustrates a truly genius idea for those who commute to work by car.  Mr Lovelygrey lays claim to it but so does our wonderful team secretary who won a prize from a magazine for submitting it to their letters page.

So...thousands of workers pop out to do some shopping in their lunch hour and then put their goodies in the fridge back at work.  But how do you remember to take away he stuff that you need for your dinner at the end of the day?  I can't be the only person  who's arrived home and found that they've left essential ingredients or, more importantly, a beautifully chilled bottle of Sauvignon back at the office.  Although a note stuck near your workspace sometimes does the trick  I, with my goldfish-like attention span,  can vouch for this not being completely  failsafe.

But this fantastic solution means that you don't leave without your shopping even though it sometimes takes an age to remember that the car keys are  in the fridge!

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  1. (Just spotted this after you linked to it from a new-ish post!)

    Hehe, yes, it does work. Our friend Strowger does it when he works from our house - but without telling me. I'll look in the fridge and there will be a pile of food I don't recognise, topped with a set of car keys. Or the egg roller will be decorated with the keys instead. It's always confusing when I see it but he never forgets his stuff.