Sunday, 18 April 2010


I've never enjoyed trips to the hairdressers and can't understand why others view them as a pampering experience. Then there's the cost of upkeep. My funky short hair reverts, in a bad way, to a bouffanty groomed Italian man style after about three weeks.

Now Mr Lovelygrey has used clippers for a number of years and since, Louis has had enough hair he's been subjected to the same treatment, even though it provokes the same tortured screams as when I cut his toenails. About six years ago, after the hairdresser had used exactly the same method to trim my hair AND I'd paid twenty pounds for the privilege I thought I'd give it a go myself.

Please note  the potential for disaster that this decision could have had. In spite of my creative tendencies I have variously been described  as cack handed, accident prone and ham fisted and in most of my practical endeavours there is an element of crisis. But how terrible could it be? With a mop that grows at the rate of bamboo my resultant 'bad hair day' would only have lasted a couple of week. Surprisingly, given my history, my first home hairstyling experience was remarkably successful. Using clippers is remarkably easy and even trimming my 'lady sideburns' with scissors presents no problem (Mr Lovelygrey trims the back).

Now I've tried a set of Remington clippers which were fundamentally flawed because they didn't cut properly. This doesn't bode well for all those men who receive a gift of nose hair clippers in response to their Christmas advertising. But I digress....Our Wahl clippers which are similar to those in the photo above come highly recommended by the Lovelygrey family and cost about the same as one trip to the hair salon. They come with attachment combs which cut hair to different length which are graded 1-8. Now I found size 8, which is the longest attachment, a little too short but here's an inexpensive source of size 10 and 12 combs

Okay, so it's not a tip that everyone would want to use, especially those with long flowing locks or for that strange bunch of people who think that sitting in a salon is a treat.  But I reckon a annual saving for the three of us of at least £500-600 is worth sharing.

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