Friday, 28 May 2010

A Baggy Problem

I came across this wild and whacky tip a couple of weeks ago and I'm still plucking up the courage to try it out. After reading this you may take the view that if I do I will be  abandonning my last vestige of common sense!

My beauty regime is fairly sparse as make up leaves my skin feeling dirty. So generally, I stick to a few old favourite lotions and potions.  Muck in the atmosphere in London, especially on the Tube, is almost guaranteed to result in spots if I'm not careful but the meticulous cleanse-tone-moisturise regime that I use after a visit to the metropolis isn't necessary in squeaky clean rural Devon.  I do, however,  use a day cream with sun protection and Neutrogena Ultimate has been a favourite for a long time.   Other than that, I might apply a lick of hair gel if I'm feeling in a  spiky mood, a smear  of lip balm (again the Neutrogena variety is favoured) and always, always, a squirt of Chanel Cristalle or 19.

But occasionally I'm taken in by TV advertising.  I bought the creme with the plumping balls in it that are supposed to hide lines around the lips. The only difference that I noted was to my current account.  Still, I never learn and am strangely drawn to the Mum Rolette copy-cat containing  a caffeine based 'cure' for eyebags.

I was discussing this with 'the lads' who were surprisingly well informed about the subject but then, unlike in the days of our fathers when the regular use of soap was considered a bit  emasculating,  metro-sexuality is rife these days.   Allegedly one of them said, top models who are, of course,  the fount of all wisdom, use haemorrhoid cream to get rid of their bags. The prissily named but stinky  'Germolloids', he advised was not the preferred choice.  Instead the boldly branded 'Anusol' which leaves you in no doubt where it is intended to be applied is the remedy of choice and the tightening effect that reduces piles apparently works around the eyes too. 'Nameless Nurse' was also a major contributor to the conversation and  said that his octogenarian mother, whom he insisted should remain anonymous, had picked up the tip from that oldie's oracle ' The Daily Mail'.  She now uses it herself on a regular basis. 

So my dilemma is, do I try it or stick to more convention approaches.  Wiki, for example,  advocates among other approaches teabags...

and cucumber....

But I've found that the best solution so far is forgetting to wear my glasses.  My wrinkles always disappear if I can't see properly!

PS: I wondered whether this post should go under the heading of recycling.  But then maybe if you're left with half an tube of ointment that's been used 'for purpose' you might not fancy using it on the face!

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