Friday, 7 May 2010

Bread Alert!

Apologies for the terrible pun but it is a Friday and my brain is not at its creative best.

I thought I'd share some of the extra-curricular breadmaking activities that go on at Lovelygrey Mansions.  At the risk of sounding holier than thou I have to say that we rarely buy shop bought bread (and never pizza!)

And here's how much fun a kid can have if they get involved in the activity.  No precise kneading instructions here.  I just told Louis to attack the pizza dough in any way that he liked and ended up with something quite satisfactory.

But Mr Lovelygrey's bakery skills are getting far more artisan.  Please, please, please try making your own pitta bread.  Just prepare a standard bread dough with your preferred type or mix of flour. Then after it has risen in the airing cupboard or breadmaker, divide it up, roll each bit  into a foot shaped piece and then cook it at about 180  for about 5-6 minutes.  The results are way beyond the chemical tasting things bought in shops.
And this is his latest creation, home made sour dough loaves from recipes widely available on the Internet.  True the process, analagous to ginger beer making, is a bit long and drawn out it's really easy and worth the wait!
And it's especially good toasted and topped with breakfast goodies, including here stir fried purple sprouting broccoli. Just the thing to turn a naughty breakfast into a virtuous guilt free 5 a day containing meal!

Is home made bread thrifty? Probably no if you're used to supermarket cheap loaves but that really not the point. What is produced by the boys in our home is an affordable luxury that is enjoyed and appreciated by us all.

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