Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chef in the Making

Here's Little Chef again doing his culinary best.  Except he doesn't like being called that as he insists he's not a rodent (see one of my favourite family films 'Ratatouille' if you're not 'in the know').

Today's delicacy came from a new book that Louis got for his birthday from Mama and Grandpa Lovelygrey, Beginners Cookbook by Fiona Watt.  He's very pleased with this present and has chosen quite a few recipes that he wants to try on rainy days. They look pretty delicious so I've no objections to this plan! This weekend he decided to try his own hand at  Chocolate Web Cake.

The instructions were easy for him to read but of course he needs a bit of guidance.  This bodes well for the book being a favourite for some years to come as he might continue to use it with less and less parental  input needed as his skills and safety conscienceness progress.  Reviews on Amazon support this theory as others have suggested that it is a suitable text for teenage children and even adults who are beginning to cook.

The results were excellent as evidenced by the fact that I could not get a shot of the whole cake before the family started to devour it. My only quibble is that the ingredients were a little expensive.  It's heavy on the butter, chocolate and eggs. But perhaps if they can be viewed as an wise investment in a Michelin starred chef of the future!

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