Saturday, 1 May 2010

Finishing Touches

As far as astrology goes I'm well and truly ensconced in the grey area, neither taking the view that it is utter rubbish nor that it is a powerful insight providing tool.  However, as a Arian, I have to say that there may be a nugget of truth in the view that people born under this birth sign have trouble finishing things.  Then again, it may merely be part of the human condition.

The picture is a gallery of shame of uncompleted projects.  They're mainly needlepoint canvases that need stretching and making into cushions and other pretty things.  There's also a batik silk painting that was completed over ten years ago that needs to live in a better place than my fabric box.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  It doesn't include unfinished jewellery projects in the garage or  the mosaic I completed on a course a few weeks ago which still needs the grout cleaning off the edge of the board. So, this is a post that's intended to spur me into action.  And who knows over the next few months I may have some completed items to show in posts.  Then again, it could take years!

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