Monday, 24 May 2010

I Shall Be Rich Beyond Belief!!!!

Though it doesn't go unnoticed by my friends, I am usually the first to admit that my thinking can very quickly become grandiose.

Within a few months of starting this blog, I will be 'discovered' and as a columnist for  renowned publications I will be earning more money than I possibly know what to do with.  I will then employ a cute young boy in a Mini Cooper to follow me around when I drive to keep my car constantly clean and tidy and ensure I never have to fill my own tank again!  One of my many homes would be in an atmospheric Breton wooded valley near the sea with own outdoor heated pool,  floatation pod and a  top of the range Hymer mobile home for my frequent trips away to explore Europe. And of course,  there will be a fully equipped workshop cum laboratory with an inspiring view to play in where I will create masterpieces that will sought after by the international art world!

To help with this endeavour I borrowed this book from the library  with the aim of putting some of the ideas into practice.... maybe all of them if it's going to help the millions flood in.  I have to say that I haven't read it from cover to cover, just taken in the ideas....and a lot of them I've spat back out again! This is not to say that this is a bad book if making profit from a blog is a goal.  It's just that it's not what I set out to do.  I came up with posting on a daily basis to fulfil my long held daydream of writing and giving me a disciplined but fun way of sustaining the habit.

I'm therefore rejecting the idea of making titles relevant  to achieve hits on search engines or making my blog specific to one theme.  I like my quirky and sometimes obscure introductions to my daily post and the freedom to write about anything that takes my fancy.  And I am not drawn to the idea of sticking to a single theme for each blog either.  As for plastering my pages with generated advertisement I'd already worked out that wasn't for me although I do  provide links to other sites and use the Amazon Affiliate scheme.

My 'experiment' has been successful so far.  I've getting feedback from my friends that they like the style and content of what I've write. I now want to increase my 'blog traffic' so some of the suggestions for doing this, for example by making myself known by commenting on posts on other people's sites,  are now being put into action.  It look's like my frequent daily posts might help the cause too and I'm being super keen here and scheduling some articles in advance so my vast readership does not miss out when I am having a break from technology in the van.

So I've come back to earth with a bump. It's probably a good thing for the planet that I haven't got an endless pot of money that I can play with.  And by  having objectives that are in sync with the things that intrinsically motivate me I may well preserve my sanity too.  But I might not stop my weird meglomaniac daydreaming altogether!

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