Monday, 31 May 2010

Mama Lovelygrey's Cleverest Makes

I've nearly finished displaying the Mama Lovelygrey makes that have been in my wardrobe for a while.  Only two more further posts and then I've run out of things to show off on her behalf. I'll only be posting her creations again when she's finished tending her beans, carrots, soft fruit and potatoes and she's looking for something to do when the dark winter evenings start to set in.

In my opinion, these skirts represent her cleverest make.  A few years back I bought an ankle length skirt from White Stuff which, with its wide sash had a Japanese flavour to it.  But although I liked the style it was made out of a techno fabric containing metal and it was a right royal pain in the buttock area to iron.

Mama Lovelygrey took the original skirt apart and made a pattern from it. She then made a few subtle alterations to the style that I had requested.  Side splits became a small back vent, she lengthened the sash and added pockets.  The finished products are easier to care for than the original version and are more comfy to wear.  In effect, the stripy version was nearly free as it was  made out of a huge remnant  from another one of her makes.  So although I had  viewed my originally  purchase as a complete waste of money, it redeemed itself to a degree by becoming the most expensive dressmaking pattern ever!

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