Monday, 3 May 2010

More Mama's Makes

Even though I've been a bit chilly as all my woolly things have been vacuum-packed away, the changeover from winter to summer clothing this week has been welcome.  Over the past month or so I've been getting a bit bored with my wardrobe. But I find that digging out stuff that I haven't seen for a while, along with adding a few charity shop and new bits and pieces, somehow revalitises my interest.  The dilemma now is how to wear little skirts and shorts for the first few times without scaring people  in the process with luminescent untanned legs!

Two of the things that I've dug out were a tunic and dress created by the wonderful talent that is Mama Lovelygrey from Simplicity Pattern 2926. The  material  was sourced on the Internet a couple of years ago.  Being able to use a pattern more than once really does cut down the impact that its purchase has on the overall cost of garments and as shown here variations on a theme need not be samey.

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