Saturday, 15 May 2010

No More Tangles Jewellery Board

Well this would have been a fifteen minute craft project but the seven year old of the house kept interrupting because he could not get the 'Lego Star Wars' game that he'd downloaded to run on his PC.  And why he's asking me?  I'm not even the technical one!

I've been using a rather nasty pinboard  that was orignally bought for about £3 from Trago Mills. It stopped my jewellery getting knotted up in a box and with everything on display it somehow makes it easier to pick what to wear.  But I thought I'd start the day by quickly giving it a makeover into something a little more aesthetically  pleasing.

So I got out the ironing board, my copydex and a piece of leftover fabric (see More Mama's Makes to see how the bulk of this was used to make a tunic).  I cut the fabric so that it was about an inch larger than the baize part of the board and then ironed the cloth to size using a board as a template.  I then simply glued the bits together and ended up with a pinboard to be proud of.  With all the jewellery displayed it looks like a work of art in its own right.

At some stage in the future I might need another board or two and its occured to me, that as I'm a bit of a nightmare whenever I use glue (somehow there's a smear of copydex on the back of my pyjama trousers!)  I could use double sided interfacing instead next time.

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