Saturday, 8 May 2010

Optical Illusion

Even though I first wore glasses in my thirties they were little more than an additional fashion accessory for a few years. Now, into my forties and I've started to NEED my specs.  And incidently lighting levels have also become more important to. The days of reading under the covers with a torch are sadly over.

Before I went for my biennial eye test earlier this year I thought carefully about what I wanted from my glasses. I decided that I needed something that would be suitable for close work but allow distant objects to remain in focus and of course varifocals fitted the bill. But could they be combined with a reactolite lens so that I could use them for driving and cycling too?

The answer from the chap in Specsavers was a resounding yes and no. Yes, these multi feature lens could be made but the light reacting properties are reduced through the glass of a windscreen. Also the field of vision for close work might not have been big enough.

So, instead of one size fits all I now have three pairs of glasses which I had hoped would meet all my visual needs. Taking advantage of one of the regular 2 for the price of 1 offers that Specsavers promote,  I bought two pairs of varifocals, one with clear and the other with tinted lenses. I also had an old pair made up to my new prescription for close work. And this was all for the princely sum of £236  including the eye test!  I've tried to keep the frames fairly classic and not go for the trendy styles with the hope that I might just do the lens changing trick again in the future.

Do I have eyewear more suited to my needs?  Again yes and no.  Wearing my varifocals I can now assess someone without manically flipping my glasses in and out of my hair to alternately look at the person and my paperwork.  And I can now see again when I do craftwork or read using my old glasses.  But the varifocal tinted version is a bit of a luxury - true they'll be useful when I'm reading out in the sun but there's limited times that I get a chance to do that during the year.  And I still have my wraparound shades that I prefer when I'm cycling. 

Whilst I now have glasses that seem to meet all my needs, with so many pairs I sometimes have problems with the right ones being in the right place at the right time.  I had hoped to eliminate my odd looking habit of wearing two pairs on my head at once but found myself doing this the other day. So in just under two years there's going to have to be another rethink. My feeling is that I may have to accept that there is no perfect solution.

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