Sunday, 30 May 2010

Radio Reminiscence

Girls, don't act the dumb blonde when it comes to doing techie things to your blog even if you are grey like me!  Google is your friend.   It's helped me find nice people who have provided software which converts an audio file into a different format (NCH software) and given me instructions on how put an audio clip on a blog  (ICT U Can).  Believe me it's almost like following a recipe.

And it's enabled me to share a way that I encouraged a reluctant small boy who doesn't really like writing too much to work on a project about what life was like at school when Mummy and Daddy were little.  I asked Louis to come up with a list of questions that he wanted to ask and we produced a 'radio
programme' using Audacity which is free to download and allows you to mix and edit your work.   We all had fun recording our piece of aural history and here's the result.

We burned the finished product to a CD which Louis took into school. It went down well with his teacher and the kids alike.  After all there's only so many project scrapbooks you can browse through.  Here's details of another piece of 'audio art' that I've heard about recently from  Soundings, an arts and health based initiative in Devon.   I had a preview of the Princetown piece of work, which makes repetitive speech of someone with memory problems into something quite beautiful.  I hope it will be generally be available  in the near future as the website promises

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