Friday, 4 June 2010

Redesigned Fat Face Dress

I bought this knee length, halter neck, Fat Face dress in the sale two or three years back as it is reminscent of the type of '50s interior fabric by the likes of Lucienne Day that I love.   But I haven't got the wear out of it that I would have liked.  The style of dress does not give adequate leverage to what Louis euphemistically calls  'boobies' and seeing as I'm getting on a bit I prefer a bit of extra support.

So, to hide teutonic bra straps I decided to lose the halter and go for a conventional sundress instead, This was easy to do. I pinned the first strap into position, machine stitched a double row to secure it to the bodice back and then I measured the length of the residual strap and its distance from the side seams to position and sew the second one. The final step was to cut off the waste part of the straps.

After twenty minutes of work at the ironing board and sewing machine the job was done and I've got an updated piece of clothing that I hope is more wearable than the original. And there's one further modification that I'm in two minds to try. I might shorten the dress to make a tunic, if I find I'm still not achieving the return on my investment that I planned.

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