Sunday, 16 May 2010

Should I Brag?

Okay here's a toughie.  Is there a point to sharing secondhand finds in a post?  One of my friends said that it just seemed like bragging and I can see her point.  'Na na nanana na - look I've got something you can't have 'cos there was just one of them in the shop.  Ha, ha, ha!'

But, as a one off, there may be a point.  After all there's still a lot of people out there who are sniffy about the secondhand market.  But there are lovely and useful things to be had and perhaps if there's enough of us banging on about our bargains then more people will catch on to this wonderfully fun recycling habit.
So I'm showing off just a few of my treasures with pride found in charity shops, at the recycling centre and on bric-a-brac stalls.  There's clothes that I love wearing including a much coveted top that a friend owned and that I found in my size in the Scope Shop in Kingsbridge for £3.  I've also  found lovely retro pieces of china and glass that brighten up our home.  And throughout, Louis' life secondhand toys have come into the house, only to go back to a charity shop when he's finished using him.  We've kept Mog though.  The little wooden chef bought in Oxfam for 75p has pride of place in our kitchen and was the first thing that Louis ever named.

And then there's things that I recycle.  I've already showed how old candlesticks were incorporated in my homemade cake stand and my revamped director's chair.  But I've got interesting plans for the beaded belt, the trio of square glass plates and the pot of sea green paint that I'll share at a later date

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