Saturday, 22 May 2010

Staying Behind The Jones

The advertising men would have you believe that you really, really, really need the latest gadget.  But if you're at least one step behind you avoid being a Luddite but can laugh in the face of the creatives - Ha!  Just buy the secondhand goods of those who haven't worked this out and you're quids in.  Who will be happier with their new 'shiny'?  I doubt whether there's much in it.   And us 'un-fashionistas' could well be more content as our wise spending stretches our money even further.

Take this as a case in point.  Instead of buying the latest games console, Mr Lovelygrey 'won' an old style XBox on Ebay complete with a couple of discs for the princely sum of £15.  This is about one tenth of cost of the latest XBox 360 model.  Louis is none the wiser and additional games, even popular titles, like his favourite Lego Star Wars,  can be bought for well below a tenner including postage costs. (He also bought another box for around the same price and converted it for use as a hard drive).

If you always lag behind you will still appreciate the updated technology when you upgrade even if it is not the latest high tech model  My phone, the Omnia Samsung I900, wasn't the super duper-est on the market when I bought a reconditioned handset but is way beyond the specification of my last model purchased five years ago so it seems like a massive improvements to me. And the i-Phone that everyone else seemed to be lusting after didn't have the feature that I use most regularly anyway, a To Do list on an Office platform.   So consider stalling new purchases and falling behind the trends.  The dividends that this  reaps can be substantial.

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