Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thought for the Day: The Meaning of Loss

I read somewhere that to write a successful blog it needed to be confessional which somewhat alarmed Mr Lovelygrey.  Today's post shows a picture that's about as revelatory as it's going to get - the monochrome loveliness that is my underwear drawer! 

Mislaying things is all too common  for me, particularly when I am stressed.  Then my possessions get left around in the strangest places and used to cause even more anxiety.  But although it can take awhile, things nearly always turn up in the end.  So with that in mind, I'm a lot more relaxed about my losses these days.

So when my watch went missing, even though I'd seen it moments earlier,  I used this as an opportunity to spend a day with less emphasis on clock watching.  And the next morning when I found it cuddling up to  my socks, it was not for the first time that it dawned on me that we lose things to experience the joy of finding them again.

PS: A favourite pair of tweezers and my fountain pen also turned up this week too.  Viva spring cleaning!

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