Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wire Worries

Okay, up to now I've been trying to portray my domestic life in a perfect Martha Stewart-esque way, albeit without the prison stay.  So I posted pictures of my angelic(!) looking child cooking and playing wholesomely with his friends in the woods and pictures of things that I've made that I'm quite proud of.    But  I thought it was about time that I shared something that didn't quite work out.

So here's a very nasty piece of completed work that was inspired by a design that looked absolutely gorgeous in the book, Complete Jewellery by Mary Helt.Okay the lack of illustrated stepwise instructions in the text wasn't helpful but I can't blame the author/editor/publishers of the book completely.  A lot of it was down to my truly atrocious wire wrapping skills.

And as they say in Devon 'yer-tiz'!  Thank goodness I made a practice piece out of inexpensive wire rather than making some silver stuff all bendy.   Anyway as if  to test the maxims, 'a bad workman always blames their tools' and 'throwing good money after bad' I've invested in some new mid priced round nosed pliers to replace those I've been using for a few years (£2.99 for a set of 4 from Lidl!) and bought a couple of wire wrapping books with nice illustrations.  I've hopeful that this does the trick and with a bit of practice too, I'll be able to show off some more satisfactory creations in the future.

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