Friday, 21 May 2010

Work in Progress

I thought I'd share the technical hitches that have caused an apparent glitch in productivity.  The lesson to be learned is planning in advance.   However I'm now in my forty sixth year and I am still nowhere near perfecting this skill.  My lighthouse lamp, made from a 99p moneybox in a charity shop started swimmingly with lots of  enthusiastic mosaic-ing activity.   But I hadn't quite worked out how I was going to incorporate a light fitting to take the bulb and this thorny mental conundrum has kept me occupied on my drives around the South Hams for a number of weeks.

Eureka! The problem is solved and work is underway again but substantial renovations are being made to the lighthouse walls because the mosaic got damaged during heavy power tool action including use of a rather lovely powerful hole cutter.  With foresight it would have been better to have got the structural work out of the way first.  It was a bit like doing the wallpapering before mending the cracks in the plaster first.

And my lovely friend Pauline has had a long wait for some earrings that I thought were going to be a doodle.   I forgot to factor into the equation that I needed to extend my wire bending skills (now ticked on the To Do list). I still  haven't quite cracked how I produce an intricate holey design in precious metal clay but experiments are still taking place.

I am the eternal optimist which is why I keep getting wet at the moment due to inadequate clothing choices.  Yes, all will be well and I will be able to show off the end results shortly.  In the meantime please be patient and enjoy, like I have, my trials and tribulations, along the way.

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