Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bath: Posh City for Kids

In the last couple of years we've spend two weekends away in Bath with friends with kids. The first time I was hesitant. Surely this was the most grown up of sophisicated locations with very little to offer children. Happily I was wrong.

Firstly there's two good campsites within long-ish walking distance to the city centre.  However, both are on bus routes.  Our favourite is the Bath Marina Caravan Park  on the River Avon  but this only just pips Newton Mill Holiday Park situated in a quiet wooded valley which takes tents too.

Each visit we've been lucky enough to catch art installations. There was 100 decorated pigs a couple of years ago, commemorating the time that the both Bladud, King of Briton and his swine were cured of leprosy by rolling in the hot mud around Bath's springs.  This time there are lions and both Louis and his friend Ben enjoyed spotting some of them in the city centre.

The city attracts lots of street performers who kept the kids entertained.  We were slightly disappointed this time as 'Naked Skate' , two cheeky chappies who sometimes perform acrobatics and juggle in animal print G-strings outside the Pump Rooms were not there.  There was a fully clothed lone juggler and unicyclist in their place  and he was funny.  However he did not get the tears rolling down the face type of laughter that is induced by watching someone cooling their bottom on the tearoom windows after lighting a fart!

And  Royal  Victoria Park, just west of the city centre,  has the biggest children's playground I've ever seen, along with lakes, golf courses and a botanical garden.  To crown it all there's a myriad of cycle paths which we haven't even started to explore yet.  A good excuse, if ever I saw one, to start planning a return trip in September!

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